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We don't resell your old cars or parts!!

Get Cash for Junk Cars in Fort Myers, FL


Do you have an old car lying around your place? Thinking of getting rid of that piece of scrap metal but you don’t know where to start? If you sell your car to us here at Junk Car Removal, we’ll give you a good price for it on the spot! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t run or it has missing parts, we’ll buy it from you. We don’t resell your old cars.

Don’t have the title to the car? It’s not a problem! Even without a title, we are still going to purchase the car.

Yard Full of Junk Cars

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Our office is open Monday to Friday and Sunday by appointment. Junk Car Removal will gladly take that old piece of scrap metal from your hands and the great thing is we will pay you for it! Your car isn’t running anymore and you can’t bring it to us? Don’t worry, click here to find out about the option we have for you.